New A/C Systems

Retro Fit for Older A/C Systems

If your car was made prior to 1994 or is an import vehicle, it is highly likely that your A/C system is running on R12 refrigerant.

The Government has since ceased production of this refrigerant and relaced it with a new ozone friendly gas called 134A.
R12 systems cannot be filled any longer and consequently will need Retro Fitting to the enviroment approved 134A refrigerant.

Retro Fitting is a straight forward conversion of your exsisting system. Certain componets of the exsisting system are removed and replaced with parts that are compatable to the new refrigerant.

If your A/C system is needing to be regassed and you are unsure which gas your vehicle operates with, just call our office and book in for a free inspection and one of our friendly technicians will identify whether your car needs retro fitting or not.

In the event that your vehicle does require Retro Fitting we are happy to give you an obligation free quote.

Some of the factors that have to be addressed when retrofitting the A/C system include:

Cool Air Capalaba
  • Changes in refrigerant oil
  • A/C System Flush
  • Change of drier or accumulator
  • Caution with condenser design
  • Caution regarding compressor
  • Cooling and/or cooling fan operation
  • Installation of HPCO (High Pressure Cut Out Switch)
  • Installation of charge port adapters

New Air Conditioning Systems

Cool Air Capalaba is able to supply and install new integrated Air Conditioning Systems to a variety of cars and light commercial vehicles.

We also install air conditioning systems into vehicles that require custom fitting.

All systems are backed by our 24 Month Warranty (conditions apply).

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