Air contioning systems are designed to provide a comfortable and pleasant environment whilst driving allowing for better concentration.

However over time, contitioning systems grow mould and bacteria on the surface of the evaporator. This leads to unpleasant smells in your cabin.

The moist, dark environment inside the air-conditioning system provides the ideal conditions for the growth of micro-organisms.

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When the air-contioning is switched on these micro-organsms are blown through the vents and inhaled by the passengers.

Servicing with our ULTRASONIC DEODORISING MACHINE cleans the evaporator which creates better air purity and removes unpleasant smells. Servicing annually is recommended for optimum results.

Cabin Pollen Filters

  1. What is a cabin air filter? Not every car has a cabin filter however due to the many benefits manufacturers have started fitting them to modern cars as standard fittments. Cabin pollen filters are designed to capture airborne contaminants such as soot, dirt, pollen, and other pollutants, that enter a vehicles cabin through its vents. Cabin pollen filters also prevent leaves, dirt, bugs and other debris from entering the cabin.
  2. Why should I change my cabin air filter? The protective passenger cabin pollen filter is a critical part of a vehicle’s ventilation, heating, air conditioning and defrosting system. In addition to the benefits of breathing clean air, when the cabin air filter is dirty or clogged, less air passes through the filter, making it harder to keep the air clean and flowing, hampering the performance of the air conditioning system and shortening the life of vital system components.
  3. How often should I change my cabin air filter? Vehicle recommendations vary, but the general guideline for replacing cabin pollen filters is every 15,000 to 20,000 klms (in a dusty enviroment this may need to be more frequent) users should follow the guidelines in their owner’s manual.
    Clean, pure air inside the car is an important issue, not only for allergy sufferers, but for everyone.
    Cabin pollen filters offer all drivers effective protection from pollutents that flow into the vehicle through the air vents , resulting in relaxed, safe driving.
  4. In Conclusion the benefits are:-
  • Health: A high concentration of pollutants in the air can lead to fatigue, headaches, nausea and allergic reactions. pollen filters provide improved protection against pollens and dirt particles. Cabin filters offer additional protection against traffic-related and industrial fumes as well as unpleasant odors.
  • Allergy Protection: Cabin air filters offer allergy sufferers and asthmatics protection against airborne pollens.
  • Comfort: Cabin filters provide protection against unwanted odours, and keep harmful irritants at bay.
  • Safety: Cabin air filters help to ensure clear visibility and enhanced wellbeing for drivers and passengers.
  • Hygiene: Cabin air filters counteract soiling of the windows' inside surfaces, and also any soiling of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.
  • Savings: Regular replacement of the filters can extend the lifetime of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.
Cool Air Capalaba
Cool Air Capalaba

Extremely Dirty Pollen Filter

Cool Air Capalaba

Cabin Pollen Filter